questions of manparts


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We’ve heard of John Thomas, we’ve heard of Ralph, but we’ve never heard of Paddy Reilly, who is an intimate consort of Patrick in Germany:

For some reason, in my family, penises were referred to as our “Paddy Reillys”. I’m Irish and Paddy Reilly is a folk singer from Ireland, but I have absolutely no idea how his name came to stand for the male genitalia.

So, answer me this: have your readers ever heard this euphemism before, or is it completely unique to my strange family?

Readers, have you? Tell us in the comments, or if your parents had a whole other name for Paddy Reilly. Then you can help decide the future of listener Dan‘s Paddy Reilly:

I have two lovely children, with a third on the way.

I am very, very tired. Should I get the snip?

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One Response to “questions of manparts”

  1. Ken Pork Says:

    I’m not circumcised & I call my man bits Ashley Cole cos it’s a complete cock.

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