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Strap yourself in for a question from Finn:

I recently watched your Great British Questions series (awesome). i couldn’t help noticing the mouse in dungarees standing outside the cheesery.

Answer me this: why does it become socially unacceptable for males to wear dungarees past the age of three? It’s annoying as I think dungarees are the coolest clothing item ever, but if I wore them at the age of thirteen I would probably be put in a circus, put in a mental home, or possibly both.

Come come, circuses would go bust if the entertainment they were offering consisted of 13-year-old boys wearing dungarees.

By all means, readers, go to the comments and explain to Finn why this twist of sartorial fate is thus; however I think the more pressing mystery is why anybody over the age of three would WANT to wear dungarees. Pregnant women, I give you a free pass; everyone else, why would you wear a garment that makes you LOOK pregnant (regardless of your gender and relative waifishness), plus forces you to undress every time you go to the lavatory? Why? WHY????

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One Response to “dungarees”

  1. Jenne Says:

    Wait, dungarees are overalls?? I always thought they were jeans. Okay, now I have to go back and re-image all the British children’s books I read as a kid.

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