dude where’s my car?


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Mr Oliver Mann has just got himself a new Mannmobile, and as ever, where Olly leads, others follow. Or they at least wish to follow, as does Jimmy here:

How do I get my parents to get me a car?

I’m a 19-year-old at uni in Preston (no joke).
My parents got divorced about 3 years ago, my dad lives in the same town as my mum so I see him all the time. No worries there.

My dad is now married and my mum is to be August 6th. Both other halves are pretty cool and I’m not a twat so I don’t mind about that. We live in Harpenden (just next to St Albans). From end of July my mum is moving to a tiny village outside of Lincoln and my dad to London.

I passed my driving test last July and wasn’t bothered about my lack of wheels because I went to uni in a month. However, because i have such a long summer and my parents are moving away from where I’ve always lived I really want a car. Partly so I can do LADcar things like wear sunglasses and look cool and do impromptu road trips, but also so when we move I can visit both parents and my friends without spending 50 quid and 7 hours of my live going between places.

My mum and dad aren’t rich but they are not poor and they will be renting their houses and they both have jobs. I’m willing to buy my car, gonna get a cheap car like £400. My mum and dad don’t mind paying for some of the initial costs, but because they don’t talk it’s a nightmare trying to sort anything out.

All my mates have cars but I feel scabby getting lifts for the past 2 years. I have a job pulling pints (and ladies) and work about 35hrs a week so I can pay for petrol etc.

So! How can I get a car when I finish for uni and not be robbed off with more “I’ll talk to your mum, I’ll talk to your dad” BECAUSE THEY DON’T?

I sound spoiled but I’m not. They are both moving away and the least they could do is cough up a few hundred for MOT, tax and insurance. I even asked for nothing at Christmas and my birthday and said spend the money on this.

I’ll be paying for insurance monthly and it should be about £70.

Readers! Are you still paying attention, at the end of that lengthy missive? If so, go to the comments and suggest how Jimmy ought best make the case to each of the parental parties.

Although I think the time to strike was a couple of years ago, when he could have used their still-fresh divorce to guilt-trip them into buying him a car. Someone might as well have got something positive out of that bad situation, right? As it is, him forcing them together to discuss the car with a new marriage looming seems like a ruse that might have borne fruit in The Parent Trap.

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10 Responses to “dude where’s my car?”

  1. SootyBear Says:

    pay for it yourself you lazy/tight-fisted cunt.

  2. Kat from South London Says:

    Having grown up in the country, I sympathise with Jimmy. Summers without a car really are bloody annoying. I was lucky enough to borrow one of my parents’ cars. But seriously: get your own car. Your mum is going to be blowing all her free cash on her own wedding and your dad will presumably be thinking dad-like things, such as “How the hell am I going to save up the money to buy my own house and stop bloody renting.”

    If you feel scabby getting lifts from your friends, give them money for petrol! And seriously, you’re in dreamland if you think driving from Lincoln to London is cheaper than getting the train – compare young person’s railcard fares with petrol, traffic jams, congestion charge and fuck all parking spaces.

  3. Nichole Says:

    You are 19, get your own damn car Mr. Entitlement. I had a job at 15, saved my money, and bought my own decades-old crappy Ford with the money earned. Man up or piss off.

    Also, get off my lawn. (*Shakes fist in air*)

  4. Brian Cone Jr Says:

    A simple solution would be to spend a month on the game and earn the money that way.

    You will achieve the self-satisfaction of having earned the money yourself rather than asking for a handout and you will also avoid forcing your parents to communicate when they clearly have no wish to do so.

    Being 19 you should attract clients fairly easily. Don’t be too fussy and the money will be yours in no time!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    At least in the U.S. there are community car programs around in cities which, if you pay a membership fee, allow you to borrow cars for shorter trips (under a day) from central locations at a much lower rate than renting (I think, I don’t know a lot about them). They’re nice because if you’re in uni you can have access to cars for the summer, but can then no longer worry about them when you’re in school. If you go up to your parents with this as a compromise and ask for the membership fee and say that you’ll pay for the hourly fess or something, it might work because then they only have to pay once and won’t forget about it as readily.

    It won’t help with being able to take boy road-trips, but it might help you to score some hippie chicks. Good luck!

  6. greg from swindon Says:

    i concur.

    also cars far more hassle than they are ever worth. i only have one as i need it for work and when i finish my job and move in a few months to london, im getting rid of it. I had one in uni and barely used it.

    also remember how crazy expensive petrol is getting.

  7. Ben Park Says:

    Maybe consider working out what those initial costs might be, split that figure in half, and go to each parent separately and ask them if they’ll pay it?
    Do all the hard work for them, and write it up so they can see what they’re paying for (and that you’re not just going to spend it all on drugs or whatever).

    Also, £70 a month doesn’t sound like that much for insurance of someone of your age. Especially considering you’re not a girl (men always pay more – the law is being challenged to stop this being the case, but it won’t change prices, yet).
    Is that an educated guess price based on somebody else’s, or have you got a real insurance quote for an actual car?
    My first year’s insurance in my own name (male, living in a city, parking on the street), would have been £100 a month if I had paid it monthly, 5+ years ago).

    You may want to investigate paying yearly. Yes, paying the first year up-front is annoying, but often there’s more than 20% interest thrown on for paying monthly (higher than paying a year up-front on a credit card, and paying that back over the year!) for paying that way. Plus your parents might be open to paying this for you too.

  8. Ian Richards Says:

    My advice to Jimmy would be, FUCK OFF and stop whining.

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