bargain birthday fun


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It’s a question from the birthday girl, Sarah:

It’s my birthday on Tuesday March 29th (I will be 28). My friend Sarah and I have both booked the day off work and we are planning to go on a day trip somewhere. My question is this: What can we do for a fun day out for around £30 per person in London? We are both physically fit and not afraid to try new things. Your suggestions would be most welcome.

Londoners! You have two ladies, £60 and one day; add them up, then go to the comments right away and tell the Sarahs how to have the best damn day of their lives.

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4 Responses to “bargain birthday fun”

  1. Clare Says:

    Do a massive big walk (ideas here: This is free and will help you build up an appetite for afternoon tea at a fancy hotel. There are lots of places to choose from and £30 should be enough to get you a glass of Champagne alongside heaps of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes.

  2. pete from somerset Says:

    Pay Helen and Olly to do a live show for you both? They’ll either be in Stanmore or Crystal Palace, should be an easy kidnapping… I mean, finding.

  3. Beth Says:

    £30 a head is quite a generous budget – it depends what you want to do! Check out the listings for gigs, shows and events in London on the day you want to go – £30 each is enough for a decent seat at the theatre and more than enough for most gigs and outdoor events (unless you’re trying to see Madonna or something):

    Alternatively, given the amount of choice in London, book a table at a fabulous restaurant (a lot of places do lunchtime deals) and then continue drinking for the rest of the afternoon. (This is my favourite choice of birthday activity, by the way).

  4. pete from somerset Says:

    pay for a ryanair flight to Gibralta, buy however much cheap booze you can, get tanked up, end up losing one of you and somehow kidnapping Mike Tyson’s tiger. Sound fun..?

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