Private investigations


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Our next correspondent wishes to remain anonymous. And for good reason: because he’s only a bona fide PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR! So let’s call him Magnum, because we so rarely get the opportunity to call someone that:

Many Police Services utilise the skills of Private Investigation and research firms.

This is because (and I do not mean to criticise) most Detectives are not aware of the wealth of information available on-line both in the UK and internationally and they rely on their special powers (legislatively, not super-heroes!) to solve crimes.

My employers have assisted with intelligence to convict terrorists, paedophiles and a wealth of money laundering and financial crimes.

Additionally many large insurers, investors and mega national companies instruct us as investigators to gather evidence in order to pursue multi-million pound frauds etc perpetrated against them through the civil courts, as Police cannot or will not investigate such matters.

It sounds like Magnum here has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about the police. We like to think that at 6pm they all lay down truncheons and plastic disguises, and head out to a car park to settle their differences with a big dance battle.

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