Harry Potter and the End of the World


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Apocalyptic thoughts are haunting Shaun, who asks:

If the world was going to end next week, what would you do?

I’d probably read every Harry Potter book one more time.

I scoffed, of course, at this plan – then realised that despite my usual tendency to be spurred to action by a looming deadline, in this case I would probably just lie on the sofa watching Arrested Development until close of play.

However, if you want to pretend that in this event you’d do something amazing instead of running around flapping, tell us what it is in the comments. If it involves listening to podcasts, we will cry on your behalf.

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13 Responses to “Harry Potter and the End of the World”

  1. pete from somerset Says:

    Go out and tell everyone what I hate about them, so i feel like i’m at peace with myself. Then i’d go driving on the road, so i don’t die before i’ve ever done that. Then i’d sit back with a deck chair, some ice cream and enjoy watching the world burn around me with my girlfriend next to me.

    Oh yeah, and i’d also get shit faced on anything and everything i could buy before doing all that shit, just to give me some confidence.

  2. Vordus Says:

    I’m quite impressed at all these people using electronic equipment during the end of days. Have we just not told the people working for the energy companies that they’re going to be dead in a week? Do they not get to go out and do their ‘week until the end’ shenanigans simply because we need everything to keep running as-is until the last second?

    Regardless, judging by the answers given so far, the final week would be a descent into anarchy, with hijacked planes falling out of the sky, exhibitionists running around naked, stores ramraided for their supplies of alcohol and cigarettes, and for some reason a ludicrous amount of percussion and weird mixtapes blaring out of every other building at high volume. So quite frankly, I’m barricading myself inside my house. I may not even wait for the end to do this; I might just do it now!

    • Tom Glendinning Says:

      Very well observed. To think all the reasons behind those anarchists and looters seem so sensible, and a reasonable self indulgence if you thought it was the end of the world. HA.
      So anyway, if you’re going to start now with the agoraphobia, I think I’ll become a nudist in advance. The people working with me today WILL be pleased.

  3. Ella Says:

    Me, My Cat, in front of Notting Hill with the biggest bag of malteasers you’ve ever seen.

    (plus, lots and lots of alchohol)

  4. Daniel Says:

    Nick an airplane and fly. I’ve always wanted to be a Pilot but their meager income is not enough to support a family I plan to have one day. That’s why I’m studying Aerospace Engineering. If I can’t fly them, I’ll work on them!

  5. Clare Hale Says:

    Have a fag. I quit smoking a year ago, so if I heard the world was going to end I’d pop out and buy 20 Marlboro Lights because my health wouldn’t suffer a jot!

  6. Mox Says:

    Play drums with a really good support bra.

  7. Luke Says:

    @Tom . My plan exactly =P

  8. Goody Says:

    I would make a mixed ‘tape’ heavy on the Tom Waits, Nick Cave & Drake, and Johnny Cash… My own personalized end of the world sound track. Or maybe a cheery soundtrack would be better??? Walking on Sunshine or some Jackson 5 or something might be nice.

  9. Tom Glendinning Says:

    Find my girlfriend as fast as possible. Make love, lie down and cuddle. If we get bored, go and run around naked together in front of impressionable people.
    While listening to answer me this in the background of course.

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