Say cheese…


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Smile! It’s a question from Ben in Letchworth:

My 14-month-old daughter has recently started to produce a big cheesy grin whenever we point a camera at her, without us even needing to ask her to say ‘cheese’. This got me thinking ‘fromage’ just won’t get that smiling look before a pic is taken; so answer me this, what do people that speak other languages ask their subjects to say?

A friend of mine always asks people to say ‘Prunes’ to get a pouty Victoria Beckham look.

If ‘prunes’ is good enough for the Olsen twins, it’s good enough for Friends in Letchworth. And the Mitfords used to say ‘brush’, which produces quite a coy smirk.

Team AMT, International Chapter: I call upon you to go to the comments and tell us how you crack a smile in a non-English-speaking country.

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9 Responses to “Say cheese…”

  1. Clémentine Says:

    We say ‘Cheese’ in French too 🙂

  2. Laurie Dix Says:

    I find that undoing my trousers and producing my genitals gets a reaction from any and every audience, English speaking or not. But it doesn’t just work for photos! The art of drawing cocks on text books, etc. has been used for generations, so why not bring it into the 21st century with the real thing; IN 3D! This performance can be used at any family occasion; Birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and even funerals! Genitals make everyone smile, so why only use them when there is a camera present?!
    Try it out at your next big function!
    Go on, Go nuts!

  3. Fran Says:

    Saying Wogan is also good for the Beckhamesque pout I’ve heard.

  4. Liv Says:

    I took my first grade German kids on a fieldtrip to the Berlin Zoo… We posed for a photo by the mountain goats and all the children yelled “Armeisensheiße” instead of cheese … this means ant shit…

  5. Reena Says:

    In Spain we say “patata”, that is “potato”. Makes your mouth look as if you were smiling

  6. Matt in Paris Says:

    In China they say 茄子 which is pronounced “Qié zi” and I guess it sounds a bit like CHEESE in English. It means Aubergine.

    They also do the V for victory sign… in EVERY photo.

  7. Clare Says:

    I was once told that saying “shite” iwould give you a bright, happy smile. Try it! It works!

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