First rule of Fight Club: Fight Club is not legal.


** Click here for Episode 162 **

Hey! Guys! WAIT A MINUTE! Before you all scuttle off to form your own Fight Club-style fight clubs, inspired by last week’s episode, check out the legal ramifications of such, as summarised by Ian:

A ‘real’ Fight Club would still be illegal even if the participants signed some kind of waiver because an individual is prosecuted by the state not by an individual. Imagine if Helen smashed me round the face with some kind of beautifully macraméed cosh.

For a similar example, look up the Spanner case, but preferably not on an employer’s computer. Lots of men doing things to each other with full consent and repeated participation, but they all got prosecuted for it.

This is an important principal in things like domestic violence cases where once an allegation is made, it has to be followed through (so that a violent partner cannot coerce the other to drop charges).

Never mind. Cinema on Friday instead?

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