the notorious C.H.R.I.S.


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I don’t really understand why the following is a matter of urgency – or even a question at all – but it is causing Chris from Cardiff, Australia some concern, so let’s have it:

To be considered to have your name in the newspaper, does your name actually have to be mentioned in an article, or is it sufficient to be captioned in a picture?

Oh don’t worry, Chris – if there’s a picture of your mugshot captioned ‘Chris from Cardiff: awaiting trial for murder’, it definitely counts! So your mum can go out and buy ten copies to show all her friends.

Anyway, the matter I’m more interested in is the times you people have had your names/captioned pictures in the newspaper. Tell me in the comments, please! I wish at this point I could post the picture of me which appeared in the Tunbridge Wells Courier when my guinea pig came first in the Langton Green pet show, but unfortunately I think mother burnt my junior media archive scrapbook.

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8 Responses to “the notorious C.H.R.I.S.”

  1. Jess Says:

    I was on the cover of a Wimpy Homes magazine, unfortunately I was only 5, and I’m a blur as they caught me going down the slide. However my parents are happy poised, hugging each other totally blur free, with another baby on the way. I wish they hadn’t stole my moment though.

  2. Charlie (the Wanghouse) Says:

    I was once interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside and I’ve been in a couple of the local rags.

  3. James Says:

    When i was a mere 6 year old, Our School took part in a swimming gala. And when I heard the news that a photographer was coming in to take pictures of the participants, I was like “shiiiiiit, I want to be in the papers” Unfortunately, I was in bed all day, with the flu while the event was taking place.

    Long story short, I managed to ease myself into the photo, and my mum still has a photo of me on the far end of the bench, looking seemingly out of place.
    Do I win?

  4. Amber Says:

    My whole family was featured in a small write-up about celebrating Labor Day in the park, as the reporter wandering from family to family for interviews discovered that my Dad’s birthday was on Labor day that year. The photographer took pictures of us when we weren’t paying attention, and we all look like we just watched a puppy die. Even the baby’s face was crumpled. My mom still has the cutout, all of our names listed below, all of us looking like we’re contemplating ending it all.

  5. Barney Toynbee Says:

    I was in the Kent Messenger when I was about 7 for colouring in a picture of Spot the Dog particually well. I won a free Library Card!

  6. Ian Says:

    I was pictured on the front cover of my local newspaper under the heading ‘This Depravity Must Stop’. I can’t take full credit for the aforementioned depravity though – I was the police officer arresting a man for tying himself naked to a tree with a sign around his neck inviting other gentlemen to take advantage. The story and photos also appeared in Maxim magazine, December 2003.

  7. Jessy Says:

    I had a letter to the editor printed in the New York Times once!

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