Martin’s Xmas song


Dearest Team AMT,

HAPPY CHRISTMAS. And thankyou so much for sticking with us this year. Instead of a Christmas card, we got you this:

Martin the Sound Man’s Christmas Song 2010

Click here to download it as an MP3 if that’s the kind of thing you prefer

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4 Responses to “Martin’s Xmas song”

  1. Andreas Vejle Says:

    What is the name of the original song??

  2. Pat Pothier Says:

    After listening to Martin’s Christmas ditty, I am now in the “holiday Mood”. Quick someone call my husband so he doesn’t miss an opportunity!

  3. Dave Halcarz Says:

    Good work Martin :), Merry Christmas and a very drunken New Year to all.

  4. Paula Hopkins Says:

    Wonderful…Martin has a lovely voice. Happy holidays :)))

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