dense as a dodo


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Sam from Bournemouth has managed to email us a question at the same time as doing a big belm:

The other day a friend and mine were chatting, when I made a comment about dodos for whatever reason. She replied “Oh yeah, I love dodos, I saw one when I was 10.”

Yeah…she actually thought she saw a dodo when she was 10. Probing her to see if she had any other hilarious comments, she revealed that she thought the Swiss came from Wales because she once bought a Swiss roll there.

So, answer me this; have you ever been in a situation where someone says something so mind-numbingly retarded, that can’t even think of a way to reply?

I must admit, I was a touch dumbfounded when Olly said he didn’t know where the Pacific Ocean is. Bear in mind he had spent a recent holiday driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Everyone else: betray the brainfarts of your dear friends in the comments.

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12 Responses to “dense as a dodo”

  1. Sharon from Glasgow Says:

    One of my friends said he was technically Jewish. Another friend replied “How can you be Jewish? I thought Hitler killed all he jews in the war”. Umm, not all the jews.

    She also thought unicorns were just extinct.

  2. Poppooh Says:

    We were talking about clever people, and my idiot friend asked who the cleverest person in the world is, we answered probably stephen hawking… we explained who he was and she replied
    ‘if he’s so clever, why is he in a wheelchair?’

  3. Rowan Says:

    You know there is a destination listed on the front of a bus telling you where it is heading.

    My friend (aged 18 at the time), with no sense of irony, asked me where Circle was?


  4. Graham Says:

    Brainfarts of a friend of a friend (female):

    “Who’s Stephen Hawking?”

    “You can shave my balls if you like.”

    On chatroulette: “Is that a goldfish? Oh no wait it’s a willy.”

    “I’d love to be your boyfriend.”

    About the Pope: “Is he gay?”

    “I always get Margaret Thatcher confused with Mother Teresa. I don’t even know who she is.”

    “I saw the Pope’s house when I was on holiday in Spain.”

  5. Roxanne Says:

    My friends from secondary school thought
    Hitler was from Russia
    India was next to America
    Getting a taxi to London would be cheaper than the train (from 150 miles away)
    “Why are chips considered fattening they’re just potatoes which are vegetables in oil”
    during the last history lesson on the second world war
    “Was France invaded?”
    “Did we win?”

  6. Megan Says:

    My friend’s housemates were talking about Nelson Mandela, when one of them said that she didn’t know why he was famous. After looking at her in disbelief for a few minutes, my friend said it was “because he opposed Apartheid”.

    Her response? “What was Apartheid?”

    This girls is a 3rd year History Student at uni….

    This is not all!

    For some reason, the same group was discussing the wedding night, when this same girl asked when the man goes to the freezer during the wedding night proceedings. We all looked at her in confusion, and eventually managed to make her reveal that she thought men “grow hard” by putting their penis in a freezer, and the cold is what makes men hard.

    This woman is 20 years old.
    In case you hadn’t guessed, she’s rather sheltered.

  7. greg from swindon Says:

    A teacher/lecturer of mine at cirencester college (that is a level year FE college, not univeristy) used to convince some new students every year a complete lie about the naming of crete.

    He said that concrete was called such because it was invented during the second world war and was first used in the medditeranian to create a fake island designed to trick the nazis who thought they were seeing crete but were in fact seeing a con-crete, hence the name.

    i saw one person fall for this in the second year (someone who was very close to doing their alevel exams at that point) and he assured us that a lot of first year students just fell for it hook line and sinker.

  8. Thursday from Swindon Says:

    I don´t understand the fuss. Just read the relevant passages of Jasper Fford´s novels and you will instantly understand, what everything is al about. I love my Dodo v2.1.
    Have to get back to office and take care of the Mammuts.

  9. Dan Says:

    After a rainy day, my friend said that if it was sunny overnight, the ground might dry up…

  10. Anonymous coward Says:

    One of my best friends at college went off for her routine smear test and came out very puzzled.
    The doctor had asked her if she was sexually active. She’d laughed and replied, “Yes, very” and was then puzzled when the doctor offered her an STD test.

    So it turns out that a girl bright enough to get a PhD didn’t know what being sexually active means. Oh, and the “very” comment was because her boyfriend was pretty up for it!

  11. Andrew from Southampton Says:

    There was a girl in my History class at school who was fantastically gullible. She thought Milka chocolate came from the milk of special purple cows, that the Channel Tunnel was transparent so you could see fish swimming past, that Germany had won World War 1 (bear in mind this was a History class) and once out teacher convinced her that Japan had become detached from Asia and was floating south. She told her that it was currently off the east coast of Australia and had been renamed New Zealand!

    Her best one though was when she was asked to name a neutral European country. After much umming and ah-ing the teacher tried to point her in the right direction by saying “It’s got lots of mountains. It’s famous for chocolate and cuckoo clocks.” The girl thought about this a bit more before saying “Is it China?” She couldn’t understand why all of us (the teacher included) laughed after that!

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