Too soon?


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A seasonal question now from David from Dagenham, a man who might have inspired this, and definitely finds untimely death a hoot!

With halloween coming up I was thinking of costume ideas and was talking to some guys at work about it, as we are encouraged to dress up for the event every year.

This got me reminiscing about my first Halloween at my current job. I’d only been in the job a couple of months and went in dressed as Steve Irwin complete with stingray barb sticking out of my chest. This was only a month or 2 after he’d died and there were a lot of complaints about me.

Answer me this: what has been your best or worst costume idea?

Readers. You strike me as a bunch with truly spectacular records in fancy dress, and probably with similarly lax taste boundaries as David from Dagenham. So make haste to the comments and tell us – preferably including links to photographic evidence – of your zenith and/or nadir of novelty costuming. Can any of you compete with this guy?

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3 Responses to “Too soon?”

  1. Jack Kirby Says:

    Shortly after his accident, I went to a friend’s fancy dress party as Richard Hammond, achieved by wearing a leather jacket, a blood-stained bandage around my head and by carrying a steering wheel. I got some foul looks.

  2. Matt Bee Says:

    My attempts always include a Blue Peter style cardboard build, so far I have done:

    Luke Skywalker, with a cardboard X-wing round my waist (and pulley operated moving wings)
    Knight Rider – with cardboard KITT around my waist
    A bridge (a phobia party) – i.e. a 2 foot suspension bridge protruding from my t-shirt (which doubled for a pint and shot carrying device!)

    Photos would appear if I could find any!

  3. Sophie Says:

    Last year I dressed up as swine flu (reminiscing with love over the media craze this time last year…). I had the stereotypical Mexican look down… eBay gave me my sombrero, striped poncho and moustache, I stole a mask from my uncle who works as a plasterer and after a trip to Boots I had 30 or so swine flu leaflets, which I casually handed out to trick-or-treating children on my way to a Halloween party. I stuck out like a sore thumb compared with all the creepy dark costumes but it went down pretty well.. hahah.

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