Ikea pencils


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I declare Ben from Italy to be a man with too many pencils:

In the last episode you were talking about Ikea pencils and it prompted a few questions as I have over 500 pencils myself:

1. Is it morally wrong to go to Ikea for the sole purpose of filling my pencil-case?

No. It’s not morally wrong; it’s unbelievably stupid. There are far more convenient places to get pencils than an out-of-town superstore, and moreover, one should never, NEVER go to Ikea unless one is in the direst need of furnishings.

2. After the checkout in Ikea there is a box where you put the pencils you’ve used. Do they then sharpen them and put them back? Surely that would mean that they were even shorter.

Now that I do not know. But surely there must be an Ikea employee amongst the AMT listenership: reader, if that is you, please tell us what happens to the little pencils that aren’t stolen by people like us. Do they find a good home, or are they ground down and reconstituted into Malm headboards?

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One Response to “Ikea pencils”

  1. torchedEARTH Says:

    Each pencil has an embedded listening device that picks up what new furniture people need in their homes.

    Take as many pencils as you want.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ikea wins!!!

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