Man seeks friend. GSOH.


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Poor Pete is lonely in Leamington Spa:

My fiancee and I have just moved to Leamington Spa. While the area is very nice and the people are lovely, there is very little to do as we have no friends (hence me writing this email)! This is compounded by the fact that we are very skint at the moment, having been fleeced by the removal company to move our stuff from Sheffield!

So answer me this: what can we do for free that is very very fun in Leamington Spa that would also make us some friends? (We are nice people!)

Who here knows how to make one’s way in Leamington Spa society? Go to the comments and help a man make some new buddies!

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One Response to “Man seeks friend. GSOH.”

  1. Pete from Barnet Says:

    Have to help a fellow Pete,
    According to Christine in the recent ‘Great Outdoors’ mini series about a walking club, ‘Everyone knows the best way to meet new people is by joining a walking club’. The following entry appears on the website:

    Mid Warwickshire Rambling Club
    23 Stephenson Close
    Old Milverton Road
    Leamington Spa
    CV32 6BS
    Tel No: 01926 335999
    Web Site:

    Not a denizen of ‘Leam’ myself, but am in a walking club. Nice people, cheap (the events, not the people – well, not all of them). Of course, whether you consider walking to be ‘very very fun’ is up to you.
    There’s even a walk this Sunday led by another Pete!
    You have nothing to lose but your boots in a peat bog.

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