Battle baked goods: Jews vs. France


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No All-Bran or Nutrigrain bars for Haggered Wood, who asks:

Bagels Or Croissants for breakfast?

Pros and cons for each, as toast has lost its shine for me.

I grieve for you, Haggered Wood; for he who is tired of toast is tired of life (as well as toast). Here be my pros and cons:

Bagel pros: will keep hunger at bay for longer. Lends itself to myriad fillings. Might have seeds on it.
Bagel cons: bit too much of a challenge early-morning if you have to assemble it yourself. Can make you feel like you’ve swallowed a stone fist.

Croissant pros: cheerfully frou-frou and indulgent-seeming. Ready to go in one tidy package. Is better for dunking into coffee than a bagel.
Croissant cons: most of the ones in this country are horrific. Nutritionally horrific. Will cover you in flakes of pastry.

Readers, head to the comments and tell us which is the winner. I vote for crumpets.

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4 Responses to “Battle baked goods: Jews vs. France”

  1. Philip Says:

    Pains aux chocolats. Nuff zed.

  2. Jessee Says:

    Scotch pancakes! Seriously delicious, or you could try waffles (both of these are very toaster friendly)

  3. catherinehirst Says:

    Bagels are too heavy for first thing in the morning. And croissants are delicious but if you eat one every day, YOU’LL be too heavy first thing in the morning (and all the other hours of the day as well).

    What you need is some new toast. How about raisin toast topped with soft cheese, or peanut butter? Yum!

  4. Jessy Says:

    What about a muffin?

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