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Nostalgia time now, courtesy of Jonny:

In the olden days when I was a youngster we used to go on family driving holidays through Scotland and England. We had a board game that we played all the time whilst on the move. It involved following a track round the board, either country, town or motorway roads.

To move forward you had to see the object on the square where your piece resided. Once it was seen you could then move to the next. The idea of the game was to get from the start of your journey to the end by spotting all the objects.

Now I’m a parent I want to inflict this game upon my children but can’t remember the name of it. Can you ask your loyal listeners if they know of this game and if I can get it from somewhere?

That game was real? And not just something your parents invented to quell your refrain of “Arewenearlythereyetarewenearlythereyet Ineedthetoilet mumI’mbored!”? If so, readers, put Jonny out of his misery (and his children into theirs) by trotting to the comments and telling him what this tortuous entertainment is. But in case he doesn’t end up finding it so has to resort to different vehicular distractions, you might also mention your favourite childhood car game. We Zaltzmen used to play ‘Count the milk tankers’. The rules were simple; it wasn’t that good, but was probably still more amusing than Jonny’s fondly remembered ‘Spot the objects’.

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7 Responses to “bored games”

  1. Jimmski Says:

    The yellow car games is great as there are just enough of them around to make it interesting. Whoever sees A yellow car shouts “yellow car!” and punches the person nearest who didn’t see/mention it before them. If it’s not a yellow car but instead say a lorry then they get punched. The driver is not exempt.

    We also used to play “Cunt or Not Cunt”. Someone shouts out the name of a celeb or someone known to all of us and each person decides if they are a cunt or not. No qualification required.

    We also used to play “spot the cunt”

  2. Jennie Says:

    We used to have some ‘eye-Spy’ books on the mid 80’s by David Belamy! I clearly remember 1 ‘game’ where you had to look for cars with identical number plates! As a parent I can now see the humour in this but this game caused me much distress! I decided that I needed to write down every number plate as i couldn’t possibly remember them all!

  3. Jonny Says:

    Thanks David,
    That does sound similar but in the one I remember you didnt score points you just moved onto teh next square.

  4. Gordon from Doune, Scotland Says:

    First Game:
    Car cricket.
    Get overtaken by car = 1 point
    by lorry 4 points
    by coach 6 points
    red car = OUT.
    On motorway with caravan so lots of point making opportunities.

    Second Game:
    The Minister’s Cat
    The minister’s cat is called Albert he comes from Austrlia and he is an Acrobat.
    A-Z With name, country and occupation.

    Third game is a memory one.
    Peter and Jane went to the “…………..” and came back with an A………..
    Peter and Jane went to the “…………..” and came back with an A……….. and a B………………. etc.
    Answers must be relevant to the destination.
    e.g. Bill Gates logged on to itunes and downloaded Answerrmethis podcast. BG …..Answermethis and Barry Manilow’s Gretest Hits. etc etc etc etc my brain is hurting me!

  5. Mike Dickinson Says:

    Easily the best ever car game is Wilderness, as devised by Trev and Simon and as I read about in their eponymous Stupid Book aged about twelve. A quick interweb search turned up –and how pleased I am to find it– THEIR PODCAST, in which they apparently (I haven’t listened to it yet) tell everybody how to play it[*]!

    Who knew Trev and Simon even HAD a podcast?

    [*]Essentially, on a car journey through, for instance, a dark wood, the non-driving occupants of the car press their faces to the windows and slowly chant “wil-der-ness” repeatedly until they scare themselves witless. The last one to retreat from the dread portal is the winner.

  6. David from Maldon Says:

    I remember that game!!! It had magnetic pieces and your brother got annoyed if you forgot to move his piece when he spotted something.
    You had to look for things like:
    “Tree that has been struck by Lightening” – 3 points
    “Red car” – 1 point
    “Phone box” – 1 point
    “Vomit in the door pocket” – minus 100 points (I was good at this one)

    I cant remember the name but want to say it was called “Eye-Spy”

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