Excitement in the AMT camp


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Hello chums! If you’ve missed the sound of our various voices during our month off, solace is at hand.

1. Following our New Year’s Eve web awards extravaganza, BBC 5 Live were kind enough to ask us to do another show about all the latest japery online. Click here to listen to it.
Web 2010 with Helen and Olly
includes interviews with writer and documentary-maker Jon Ronson, fashionista Trinny Woodall, and fellow podcasters Stephen Brook of the Guardian’s Media Talk and Luke Moore of The Football Ramble.
We sure hope you enjoy the show! It’s available on BBC iPlayer until 7pm Sunday 11th July; if you’re interested in the websites and things we talk about, there’s a list of links HERE.

2. Very good news for those of you who’ve been missing the voice of Martin the Sound Man: he has released his first album! Ten spiffing tracks by his musical alter ego The Sound of the Ladies are available to download HERE; you decide the price you want to pay for them. Neato!

So, we hope those things tide you over, and that you’ve been keeping well in our absence. See you on 15th July for Answer Me This! Episode 141.

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One Response to “Excitement in the AMT camp”

  1. Angus Says:

    The BBC have stopped allowing you to listen to ‘Web 2010 with Helen and Olly’!

    Does anyone have the file in an mp3 that they could maybe upload to mediafire and share ??!


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