Where was the wacky guy?


** Click here for Episode 135 **

Thanks everyone for your nice congratulations after our Sony gong, and for your general merriment at the attendant photo, which provoked the following question from Megan from North Walsham:

Please answer me this: where was the famous red Olly Mann bow tie?!? I thought you were “the wacky guy” in photos…

Here’s the thing, Megan: Olly didn’t want to be that wacky guy any more! So he bought a black velvet bow tie for the occasion, in the hope of looking smart and sophisticated…and it kept falling off. So he merely succeeded in looking considerably drunker than he actually was.

but then again, I think you still were with that brilliant facial expression! 🙂

Evidently bow ties do not wackiness make; true wackiness must come from within*. Sorry Olly, it’s congenital.

*then be signalled by the wearing of coloured bow ties.

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