Boss-boffing update


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Last week we posted about a problem sent in by Megan from North Walsham, and you kindly helped out with some advice. Now Megan has written back with the latest on George and his foolhardy boss-boffing:

Just to clarify, George isn’t a prostitute, he was just utilising his boss’s stupidity in giving him lots of pretty presents.

I advised George to follow the line from Josh about STDs, but since I wrote in, the whole situation appears to have rectified itself.

George went to meet up with his boss for a dirty weekend away, but decided that (seeing as he had his boss’s credit card with him) he should withdraw as much money as he could and spend it on booze on the train down there. Eventually turning up to the rendezvous very pissed on overpriced train alcohol, he regained his moral compass and tried to let his boss down gently. As he didn’t get the hint straight away, George then confessed that he’d been using him for presents and his job all along, quit his job and staggered away with his head held high.

Now he’s unemployed, bereft of future presents, but his conscience is clear.

George, congratulations for putting your concubine days in the past. Now does anyone know of any jobs going in the greater North Walsham area?

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