Snog Marry Avoid


...or perhaps you would prefer to join a seminary instead.

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We should have guessed this question would come up one day. And we question the wisdom of submitting it to the public forum that is You. If this produces unwholesome rifts within Team AMT, we can all blame Josh from Arkansas, who emailed the following:

Dear Helen and Olly,

This isn’t a question for you. This is for your listeners.

To the query of Answer Me This listeners,

Marry, Boff, Kill: Helen, Olly, or Martin the Sound Man?

Sigh. Go on then. And be kind.

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19 Responses to “Snog Marry Avoid”

  1. Rachel from Los Angeles Says:

    Sorry Olly, you just seem like the kind of guy I would hate if you went to my school! I realize you’ve probably changed, but… Helen’s so squishy, and science geeks are fabulous.

  2. Paw Says:

    I’m a gay man, but still voted to marry Helen of course. Marriages are about one hell of a lot more than sex. And besides, I voted to “boff” Martin, so I’m sure that Helen and I could compare notes 😉

  3. Bas Says:

    Can’t I just boff all three of you? Form an orderly queue on my right please,…. 😉

  4. Kat, formerly of East London, now of South London Says:

    Wow! Just as I was torn between voting for Olly as a sizzling one-off boff, or as an enduring funny-on-tap husband, there I see another Kat thought just the same thing. Clearly nicknames attract. That or I am actually the same Kat. I’m confusing myself just thinking about it.

  5. Kat Says:

    Why is everyone killing Ollie?!! He is hilarious – I cried on the tube when he told us about his cat eating bra-straps. Start voting piss-yourself-funny-anecdote-lovers!

  6. Joe from Newnham Says:

    Is it only me that believes Martin the Sound Man would be the perfect husband? After all, if you remember back from Episode 3, he makes perfect poached eggs…

  7. Mysterious Matt Says:

    “Be kind”? You mean by only offending a minimum of one in three of you? 🙂

  8. Buchholz Surfer Says:

    I voted Helen for all three. Boff, Marry, then kill, in that order. Over a long period of time, or course. The killing would most likely only be when she’s 97 years old and hospitalized and begging for it.

    • Mysterious Matt Says:

      Just as long as it was in that order…

      Also if she beggin… no, no, I can’t go through with that joke.

  9. Rhys from Bridgend Says:

    I said I’d kill Helen. I regret this. Sorry.

  10. Jack Says:

    I’d prefer not to kill any of you but in a hypothetical situation it turned out to be Olly purely by the process of elimination.

  11. thepate Says:

    Someone else from Arkansas listening to Answer Me This!?! I didn’t realize there was another cool person from this horrid place. Anyway, I picked to marry Olly, boff Helen, and kill Martin.

    • Josh Says:

      Other than a couple of friends I’ve told about AMT, I didn’t know someone else listened in Arkansas, either — good to hear! Look at this, Helen, Olly, and MTSM — you’re bringing people together even while we decide which one of you to ax…

  12. Christine from San Diego Says:

    i chose to marry helen and i’m a straight female! c’mon the case for her is clear- good at crafts, likes good food, good taste in music, can help you out in grammar. she’s pulling away in the poll thus far. you’ve got a catch, martin- watch your back!

  13. Gareth Says:

    Is boffing a perk of marriage in this hypothesis? I’d gladly boff each of you, but this is a major consideration. Actually I just like using the word boff.

  14. Jo Says:

    I would not like to kill any of you, but if push came to shove (preferably over a cliff) it would have to be Olly! SORRY!

    • Tom Says:

      I agree, I wouldn’t like to kill any of them, but Helen’s wit and Martin’s awesome ‘sciency’ brain (which I would like to be parallel someday) I think it singles out Olly for the murder. Sorry Mr. Mann 🙂

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