Nice hot cup of hamster


Better late than never, eh? Both for me posting this feedback from listener Stuart, and for finding out your family pet has been hiding inside your kitchen equipment. Harking back to Episode 119, Stuart says:

Listening to your story about the cat falling into the pot of stock reminded me about a guy I knew a few years back. His kids had a hamster that went missing, and despite searching the house high and low, they just could not find it. Eventually they just stopped looking and got on with their life.

They did eventually did find it some time later when they filled their kettle by taking the lid off instead of just filling it through the spout.

There was the bloated body of the hamster, having been boiled numerous times a day for about two weeks.

I found it hilarious at the time and it still makes me smile.

This is the British version of those American horror stories about finding an alligator in your lavatory, isn’t it?

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3 Responses to “Nice hot cup of hamster”

  1. Debbra Prest Says:

    I have taken in two rescue dogs that were deserted by their preceding owners. They are the most fabulous creatures I have ever known. It is distressing how some people treat animals like belongings or worse. My hope is that more people will get learned about this subject.

  2. Josh Says:

    No. It is far, far more disgusting.

  3. Christine from San Diego Says:

    EWWWW!!! so gross. if i was the family i would be wretching sooo much. poor hamster…poor family.

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