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We love that the podcast encourages you lot to share. Or do we? Does Ed in Halifax, Nova Scotia just feel comfortable in our relationship, or is it a case of TMI? He says:

I was just now listening to episode 121 and was inspired to write to you after hearing listener Chris’s question “Why do I get the urge to squirt dirt whenever I visit a second-hand bookshop?”
This happens to me too!
It’s been happening for years!
And often enough that I have actually given it some thought.
I think I have a reasonable explanation that does not require some twisted mental association between books and excrement, leaving the works of ________________________ (insert name of your least favourite but wildly popular author… I choose Dan Brown):

1) I like books, so I tend to spend more time per visit in bookshops than in other types of shops.
2) Most used book shops I have visited contain jumbled piles of books and over-stuffed shelves that require even more time to find books of interest.
4) When I pay a long visit to a bookshop (45 minutes to more than an hour) I’m standing still for longer and getting more and more relaxed.
4) Confirmation bias: I claim that book shops ALWAYS makes me want to drown the kittens, but really, I think it has actually happened about six times in my adult life (I am 47 years old) that I have had to urgently leave the book shop in search of a drop-off spot for the hostages. But each time it happens it’s a much more memorable event than all the times it didn’t happen. I’m sure I have made more grunt sculptures at theaters and restaurants, but that just seems more expected, and so less memorable.
5) I suppose if you are the sort of person who makes a habit of reading while sequestered in the fortress of solitude, it is possible that you have a very direct and obvious mental association with reading and putting your thoughts down on paper.

In conclusion, I think it mostly comes down to the amount of time I have spent in bookshops making it more likely that I will be in a bookshop when it becomes necessary to beam down William Shatner.

Ed, we’ll let you off the charge of over-sharing because of your outstanding euphemisms.

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5 Responses to “bookshop bogs”

  1. JD Says:

    You are not alone…

  2. Gareth Says:

    I’ve taken many a shit in the library. I do work there though.

  3. Ed Says:

    Well, I’m quite pleased that my ramblings have been deemed worthy of inclusion on the AMT Blog. Ah the euphemisms! I wish I could say they were all original but I have collected them over the years from various sources. The only ones I can claim ownership over is “beam down William Shatner” and “going to read a Dan Brown”. I feel a bit bad about the Bill Shatner reference, though, because I really like Bill, and he is a fellow Canadian… but come on… the man has shat in his name! Anyway, I strongly suspect the Shatner one was independently coined by many people, it’s just too good. I have no such feelings for Dan Brown. One I didn’t mention was recently over-heard at a coffee shop. I don’t know who you were, hipster dude wearing the Pearl Jam t-shirt, but I was in awe when you excused yourself with the line, “I’ll be right back… my band is releasing an E.P.”


  4. Stephen Says:

    My (nearly) two year old seems to only feel comfortable doing solids (shits) in her nappy when she’s at home. We can be out most of the day and as soon as we get home my wofe hands me a stinky kid, indicating I should do the deed.

    However (and this is where this comment may get relevant) I’ve noticed that she’ll often poo when we’re in the library. We visit there once a fortnight, and more often than is reasonable I’ve had the hassle of changing her nappy.

    I’d guess a library is similar enough to a bookshop for this to count as more anecdotal evidence, and this tale has the advantage of being about a 23 month old child who’s too young to have too many cultural effluence influences (Dan Brown).

  5. Cameron from Alexandria Says:

    I must agree with you Helen. This man’s euphemisms are quite outstanding (and no, that is not a euphemism, despite the fact it sounds like one. This man probably has a lovely pair of euphemisms on him).

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