Uncle Ken saw Lisa Stansfield in an airport once…


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More of you have piped up about your famousest ancestors, inspired by Jack from Leeds in Episode 116. James says:

My most famous ancestor is my great auntie Margaret Maughan. She was the first Briton to win a gold medal in the Paralympics at the very first competition in Rome 1960. Her gold medal was in archery and I believe she is a great role to model to future Paralympic athletes and deserves recognition for her achievement. Here is a link in case you don’t believe me. Unfortunately I have never been able to meet her and so have never been able to express my gratitude towards her achievements.

That’s definitely a good one. See if you can top it, Tom from Rutland:

I dug around and found out that:
1. my grandmother’s milkman was Sean Connery;
2. my great-something uncle was Buster Edwards from the great train robbery, he even had a film made about him!!!

Tom has saved the best for last, though:

3. My aunt was in the training team for the mice, horse and ducks in Babe!

Bam! My mum baked the loaves of bread that were featured on the labels of Ruddles beer in the early 1990s, but Tom and James’s familial claims to fame have totally trounced that! But if any of you can outdo them, comment below.

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7 Responses to “Uncle Ken saw Lisa Stansfield in an airport once…”

  1. Amy from Essex Says:

    One year on holiday to Spain with my parents we kept bumping into Eric Knowles of Antiques Roadshow ‘fame’ wherever we went…. on the plane, in the supermarket, wandering round a historic town, in a restaurant. It was most odd.

    My aunt is also friends with the mum in My Parents Are Aliens.

  2. Tom Spinks Says:

    My great great aunt was Rosa Lewis, who was known as the ‘Dutchess of Duke Street’. Not only did she own the Cavendish Hotel in London, she was also the mistress to King Edward VII and she was also the inspiration for Eliza Dolittle in Pygmalion/My Fair Lady. Not bad work by her!

  3. helenzaltzman Says:

    We just had the following email from Kevin from Gloucester:

    “I don’t know if it is too late to submit my claim to fame. But I once met Matthew Kelly at a pub in East London and he asked me to give him a blow job. On that ‘tonight Matthew’ I did not have stars in my eyes I am afraid and Mr. Kelly did not get to make his usual fanfared entrance. It is also a present that was never given or received!”

    Beat that, readers!

  4. LeighAnne Says:

    My great (to the power of 9) grandfather was John Jacob Mickley, which is something that brings me both great pride and deep, deep shame for he was the man who first saved and later broke the Liberty Bell, that second most important symbol of American-ness. During the War of Independence (or whatever you guys call it over there), the British forces would melt whatever metal things they happened to capture in order to make musketballs, which was practical but also meant that anything metal you wanted to keep had to be hidden. When Philadelphia fell to the British, they sent the Liberty Bell away along with 10 others in a convoy of wagons headed toward Allentown, PA. My ancestor drove the wagon the Liberty Bell was in. Clearly a cause for pride. Now comes the shame: About 3/4 of the way to their destination, his wagon broke and dropped the bell, thus weakening it and contributing to the giant crack which erupted in the 19th century. Still, John Jacob got streets named after him in a few nearby towns, which is cool, and to this day there’s a museum in Allentown devoted to the bell where they recognize my family when we come in, which we do very rarely because it’s extraordinarily boring.

  5. Phil from Treorchy Says:

    My mum used to be friends with the owner of the original Arthur in the Kattomeat adverts from years ago (so in effect, my mum was mates with Arthur).

  6. Charlie the Wanghouse Says:

    My great great uncle, stan Moore, played in goal for Leeds united football club

  7. Alex from Leeds Says:

    I am apparently the descendant of a bastard child of a monarch, I can never remember which one.
    My family sold our brewery to the Guinness family as well… it became kind of popular after that.

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