EPISODE 117: time – pain = fireworks


Hail, fellows,

At the time of writing, two urban foxes are noisily copulating outside AMT Towers. It really is the most unheavenly sound. Hopefully Answer Me This! Episode 117 is rather kinder to the ear:

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Today we talk of:

the Ban The Bang campaign
book tokens
war memorials
Subway flouting ancient Jewish food laws
The Shadow Of The Wind
Sir Walter Scott
coloured bow ties
poor nervy birds
pineapples up the arse.

Plus: Olly offends Andrew Lincoln but stands up for the meerkats; Helen exposes her brother’s audacious present-recycling tricks; and Martin the Sound Man tries out his common touch, but fails to convince. C-, Martin!

As ever, we want YOUR QUESTIONS via answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877; and this week we would also like you to comment upon this post with your top tips for godparents (are you one? Do you have one? And aside from the obligatory birthday tenner, have you ever actually been deployed in active godparental service?). Alternatively, you can share stories of the worst present you have ever given, in an attempt to amuse us whilst assuaging the guilt that will NEVER LEAVE YOU. Win-win.

See you next week!

Helen and Olly

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13 Responses to “EPISODE 117: time – pain = fireworks”

  1. drew Says:

    If you are considering being a Godparent check if the parents actually believe in christianity first. Presents & occasional visits should be enough, but some people expect you to think that Jesus actually existed.

    Just be prepared to lie in church about believing in Jeebus & have something to say to one of the proles who attend regular services, they tend to hijack the service with religious nonsense. One man asked me where I worshipped, I told him I did it online.

    It helps to have your arm in a sling, so that you can fumble with the hymn book for 5 minutes until the hymn is done, avoid laughing when the vicar mentions current events like the G8 summit in a prayer.

  2. Krome Magnon Says:

    RE God Parenting

    I made the mistake of accepting the invitation from my sister and her hubby to be the God Parent for both of their kids.

    A mistake on 2 grounds.

    1 – The kids are little shits. And I want nothing to do with them…

    2 – I’m an atheist. This is the thing that pisses me off most. As I was mouthing the words during the ceremony I felt like a tool for submitting to this crap. Knowing that it’s totally against my beliefs and that I was only doing it – twice (Doh!) – just to keep the peace in the family leaves a bad, bad taste in the mouth. I wish I could go back and refuse.

    But on a lighter note, Martin the soundman should apply backwards reverb to his voice to make it more sinister 🙂

  3. Natasha from London Says:

    Hello there.
    I was born in Singapore, flew to London for my baptism, my godparents flew in from Portugal where they lived. A few months later we moved properly to London, and my godparents now live in Oman and will soon be moving to Scotland. How very international of us all.
    Love from Natasha (age 14)

  4. Phil Says:

    I have a god mother who is also my aunt. She is Christian and now lives in Wales, does this mean she thinks that I’m a little prick and is trying to get away from me?

  5. Easy Tiger Says:

    Fuck me martinthesoundman has a LOT of reverb on today

  6. Paul Says:

    What Helen giveth with one hand, she taketh away with the other.

    Yes, my episode is fine now but I now have a new nightmare to contend with…

  7. Paul Says:

    Disturbingly, I am finding it hard to shift the image of Olly as quarter man/three quarters meerkat! That should trouble my dreams for many nights to come…

    By the way, the podcast has 16 seconds of blank at the front and cuts off really quickly at the end before the end music. Is that just my iTunes buggering about (again)?

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