Party on in Svalbard


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Hey readers! Are any of you Arctic party animals? I don’t mean polar bears, but the kind that frequent night-spots and beatle-drives and whatever. If you are, could you help out Ryan from Woodland Park Co with his homework?

This a really random question but here goes. What is the name of the night club In Longyearbyen Svalbard?

My friend and I are doing a project for school for a brochure for any destination so we decided to do Svalbard. There’s a night club and three pubs said to be in Longyearbyen, but we can’t find their names anywhere so can you help us out please?

If you happen to know the name of any of these places, comment below – although frankly Ryan, the chances of your teacher being able/arsed to corroborate the evidence you present are so slim that you might just as well make them up. They will probably assume you invented Svalbard anyway.

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7 Responses to “Party on in Svalbard”

  1. Ryan Cullen Says:

    Thank you for your help everyone incidently my teacher did think we made up svalbard when we told him what our project was about lol

  2. MrNoseybonk Says:

  3. Joe from Newnham Says:

    lol at Mike 😀

  4. Mike Says:

    Can’t we just ask Iorek?

  5. rachele Says:

    I can confirm that – I’ve been to Longyearbyen (though not the bar, sadly) and they also had a cool-looking venue where they played live music and generally seemed to have a good time!

  6. tina Says:

    It’s called “Huset”. That literally means “the house”. I guess you don’t have to be that inventive when you’re the only nightclub around.There’s a few bars and pubs as well, which according to the person I know who used to live there are all ridiculously well – stocked in terms of wine and spririts.
    There you go!

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