EPISODE 109 – women are mammals


Good morning, congregation,

It’s Thursday yet again, which means there’s a fresh episode of Answer Me This!. We say fresh. It’s Episode 109, so freshness is but a distant memory to these podcasters. Eh well, better an oak tree than an ingenue, as my mother has never said to my knowledge…

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So what’s in store for you today?

The secret of eggshells
Space Raiders
Elizabeth Taylor
Michael Alig
Richard Marx
tinned peach aristocracy
lapdancers vs. raw pizza
Hilary Duff vs. Hilary Swank.
party dogs
party dwarves
Andy Crane
the correlation between Noel’s House Party and Rude Facials.

Furthermore, Olly compares Isadora Duncan to an iBook; Helen proves to be no great shakes at adage-making; and Martin the Sound Man sniffs out Joan Rivers. Not in any sort of improper way, we hasten to add.

Next week, Episode 110 will blossom forth, so get your QUESTIONS in: email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, or croon them into the ear of Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877. Also, place your bids for names for a potential Answer Me This! perfume range in the COMMENTS below! (Don’t worry, it will never happen. Unless we hear that Keith and the Girl or Ira Glass will be the first podcaster to bring out a fragrance and our competitive streaks overpower us and sign a three-stink deal with Coty.)

See you next week!

Helen and Olly

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9 Responses to “EPISODE 109 – women are mammals”

  1. Guðmundur Arnarson Says:

    I do realize that this comment is coming much too late to be noticed but I’d like to criticize your answer to the egg sucking question. (Sorry :/)
    It seemed too clear to me that the eggs must be some hidden slang for balls. Like how the word huevos in Spanish means both eggs and balls. So yelling at someone to go suck balls sounds like a much better cuss than go suck on some easily digested protein (though that sounds quite dirty too)

  2. Clarrie From London Says:

    “Age of aQUERYus.”

  3. Jaccident Says:

    Smell Me This?

    How about

    Eau de Tymology

  4. Laurence from York Says:

    Answer Me This perfumes could include:

    Half an hour of fragrence.
    Worth a spritz
    Martin’s: The Smellman
    Our first 20 fragrences were shit and no one bought them

  5. Andy Says:

    Ok… I think I lost Olly. Who knew his tongue was that big?!

    Right, perfumes… er… well the range should be called SIAB (Shite in a Bottle)

    One has to be called “Buy Me!” with the tagline “For Those with Money but No sense!”

  6. Adrian Curcher Says:

    I know how much you love eggs so I thought this video might bring you joy.

    • Becky the manx ice cream monter... =) preferably becky Says:

      AAAArgh! You fell for it, Adrian! That is … a magic trick…. dun Dun DUN!!! At least, I think it is…….

    • Joseph Hats Says:

      Less egg nonsense, more no-nonsense egg:

      You perfume would be called Jízz. This seems the clear option.

  7. Dave Waters Says:

    re: potential Answer Me This Perfume range:

    Olly – ‘Mann about Town’… (tagline) “For the Mann who tries too hard”

    Helen – ‘Pussy Galore’.. (tagline) “An intimate fragrance for those intimate areas’

    Martin – ‘Eau de Sound’… (tagline) “For that special sound engineer essence”

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