Three-way at the altar?


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So what have you kids got to say about last week’s episode?

Doug from Winnipeg, Canada writes:

I was interested to hear why seven years’ bad luck is thought to be the penalty for breaking a mirror. As the father of a family of Harry Potter fans I immediately thought that the Roman idea of seven-part broken souls must have been an inspiration to Ms. Rowling. I suspect that legal representatives for ancient Rome will be contacting her shortly requesting prompt payment of their share of book royalties.

Holy shit, Doug, are you suggesting that not all the ideas in the Pottery are entirely original? Call up Bloomsbury Books and give ’em hell! Then call up the Roman Empire and tell them they might be on schedule for a comeback.

On a completely unrelated note, Dave asks us this:

After listening to episode 108 I too have a best man-related question. Please help.

The man I want to ask, my best friend, has also in the past had a sexual interaction with my partner. Now my partner thinks this is a little weird. What should I do?

Your lady should hardly be surprised, Dave, that best friends have something in common. But that something would more conventionally be a mutual love of Aston Villa or watercolour landscapes, not her in a state of Rudeness. Perhaps she fears improper thoughts will assault her as the three of you stand in front of the altar, and leave her the wrong sort of blushing bride. Perhaps she fears the secrets that might spill forth during his best man speech. Perhaps she knows more about him than you do and simply doesn’t want a total sexual deviant to be your best man.

Whatever the reason, we are fairly sure of two things: 1. you really don’t want to find out more about it; 2. you don’t want to be forced to choose between your best friend and your wife elect. But listeners, what do you think?

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4 Responses to “Three-way at the altar?”

  1. Choo Says:

    If she went about shagging best mates she really shouldn’t be surprised now she’s marrying one of them.And most people won’t divulge sexual anicdotes about the bride in a best man speech. it is, after all, considered poor taste to insult a bride on her wedding day.

  2. Dale Says:

    They should take a leaf out of Dawn Porter’s book and just get all oily and have a mass shag and slide.
    Get the Vicar involved as well, he’d probably like that sort of thing.
    “More Mazola Vicar?

  3. Darcy Says:

    Surely the groom should just sleep with the maid of honor, then all balance will have been restored.

  4. Simon White Says:

    Voted 😛

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