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There are some subjects which are particularly dear to us, so naturally our question-answering urges were roused by this email from Bobbie from Cincinnati:

Recently, someone asked your advice for new residents of England. Helen mentioned learning to make a proper cup of tea. Which leads me to my question.

Helen and Olly (& Martin) answer me this: what do the “Non English” do wrong when they make tea? I am a tea junkie and would love to know what makes a cup of tea rubbish.

The first problem facing you, Bobbie, is that the most popular tea in the USA is Lipton’s, which is about as likely to make a tasty cup of tea as some eczema scrapings. But assuming you can get your hands on some decent bags or leaves, there are a few useful rules for tea palatability (I will try to keep this brief, as I tend to get far too overexcited on this subject and it is not attractive):

1. Use water that is at the zenith of boilingness, otherwise the resultant tea tastes like someone has been stirring it with soapy pencils. The fresher the water the better, too.
2. Don’t prod the teabag with a sodding spoon, ok? Just leave it to steep for a few minutes! Patience is key to successful tea – which rhymes, therefore must be true.
3. Pyramid or drawstring bags are Stupid. There, I said it.

Of course everyone has their methods (some of which are pure insanity), but what better guide to a good cup of tea than The Olden Times? If the video below is anything to go by, there used to be such a job as ‘tea instructor’. They were clearly hardcore back then.

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5 Responses to “(PG)Tips”

  1. Pete Says:

    Love the Hugh Thingummy Whittingdangle thing – Hilarious. A good thing to give to the new apprentice on their first day. The importance of proper tea making cannot be underestimated. The Gallic abomination served up when (don’t ever do this) you ask for tea anywhere in France, is made with lukewarm water and hot milk. It beggars belief how anyone could get it so wrong. It’s as close to tea as cat vomit is to hummous. Looks the same but don’t for god’s sake put it in your mouth.

  2. Natasha from London Says:

    and Tom- it’s actually from 1941.

  3. Natasha from London Says:

    That guy’s eyebrows are just brilliant. Alistair Darling really needs to step up his act to compete with the likes of that!

  4. Tom Says:

    this has made me so bored i’m going to sleep

  5. Tom Says:

    why the fuck have i just wasted ten mintutes of my life watching this shit from the 1930’s. That guy is a complete knob!

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