100 tickets for the 100th Episode – now up for grabs!


** Click here for EPISODE 98 **

Today’s the day, listeners! We have opened up the draw for tickets for our live 100th Episode at the iTunes Live Festival on 11th July. If you are a) over 14 years of age and b) a member of the Answer Me This! Facebook Fanclub, you can win a pair of them! So if you haven’t already, skedaddle over to the Fanclub and set about the entry form; the deadline’s 5pm 18th June, after which we will hold a random draw for the winners. Cos random is fair, see?

If you win a ticket, you will not only be entitled to watch AMT!P turn 100, with all the live jingles, question-answering and Martin the Sound Man’s slow jams that such a celebration entails, but also the evening’s headliner: La Roux, with support from Dan Black. And all for free! What an electropop treat.

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4 Responses to “100 tickets for the 100th Episode – now up for grabs!”

  1. chessie from essex Says:

    you have no idea how much i want to go!

    fingers crossed i get selected!! 🙂

    will be listening to episode 100 whether im there or not so i can’t wait!!

  2. Janice Says:

    Unfortunately, will be unable to attend. Congratulations of reaching your 100th episode.

    Have a great time.

  3. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    Failed to make the age limit! LOL
    Hope it all goes well.

  4. Charlie from West Kirby Says:


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