The happiest day of the year


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it'll be even cheesier than this

it'll be even cheesier than this

We sure know how to have fun, listeners! For tonight is the most euphonious night of the year – Eurovision Song Contest – and because the best way to enjoy a night of spandex, caterwauling and elaborate dancing is with your face down in a laptop, we’re going to be liveblogging it. Right here. Well, Olly isn’t, because he smells has got proper stuff to do; but I am, along with Martin the Sound Man, Matthew Crosby and some other fine Friends of Answer Me This!.

So get your barbed comments ready, and from 8pm CLICK HERE to join the liveblogging extravaganza!

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9 Responses to “The happiest day of the year”

  1. Reply to Matt Says:

    Matt, it was a text blog! You can still read it here:


  2. Matt Says:

    Oh my GOD I cannot believe I missed this liveblogging experience!

    Can you release it on itunes so I can hear your thoughts of the whole ridiculous mess? Or a ‘best bits’ at least if you can’t play the music as well!


  3. Nicola Says:

    Ha, that was a good laugh.

    Unfortunately, I have the winning song stuck in my head now…

    however, instead of “but Im in love, with a fairy-tail”
    I keep sings “I’m in love, with a little girllll”

    Need to get it out of my head!

  4. Clarrie Says:

    Great fun, thanks!
    Normally I don’t watch Eurovision, but just scour the website in the morning to check out the most cringe/chuckle-worthy entries. Sadly they all seemed to be quite sensible this year ;(

  5. Olly Mann Says:

    “That was amazing! Martin the soundman called me a Wang house”
    Now THAT’S a sign we’ve achieved true weblebrity.
    Literally, my favourite comment ever on our blog.

  6. tina Says:

    may I just apologise for my behaviour on the live blog. the fact that i have certain ties with the winning nation got to my head. for this I am truly sorry. it won’t happen again. probably.

  7. Charlie from West Kirby Says:

    That was amazing! Martin the soundman called me a Wang house

  8. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    That was great fun! Well done everyone for making it through the show, and hopefully we’ll do this again next year.

  9. Nina from Brittany Says:

    I WAS going to be going to the cinema with my friends, but for some reason this event has been cancelled, so I’ll be just as sad as you and watch the Eurovision Song Contest. I used to watch it every year with my sister, marking it on musicality, funniness, with bonus points if they actually sung in their own language etc… It’s a way to have fun I guess. No-one ever got a mark in positive figures. Will you be my co-judges?

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