Thank God Josie’s Here


** Click here for EPISODE 94 **

Here’s some fun! Friend of Answer Me This! and Episode 84 alumnus Josie Long recently appeared on Australian improv show Thank God You’re Here; watch her think on her feet in impressive fashion:

Excellent stuff, eh? And she looks very lovely, right? Not sure the same can be said about listener Dave, whose cheeky wife Felicity sent in these somewhat NSFW snaps:

Dave's manbagDave's bumbag

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge at your peril; and click HERE to buy your own AMT!P bag with which to protect your modesty.

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3 Responses to “Thank God Josie’s Here”

  1. Mugrage Says:

    I am in a frenzy over fathers day coming up. My dad is soo cool let me tell you. No really I haven’t the slighest clue what to get him for fathers day. Most years I don’t really get my dad anything for fathers day. He didn’t provide anything for me, I mean I paid for my college myself, bought my first car myself, oops this isn’t my appointment with my shrink. I know im slap happy people just tell me what hobbies your fathers have for this coming holiday please please. Actually I just need your opinions on what to get dad for fathers day.

  2. micketymoc Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! In the absence of an official AMT G-string, I figure he had to make do.

  3. A Concered Person Says:


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