EPISODE 80 – pigs in cardigans


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Ho ho ho, listeners! Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat – yet another species succumbs to the obesity epidemic. But at least Answer Me This! Episode 80 is calorie-free and takes up none of your Weightwatchers treat points! Try it.

All this week’s questions are Christmas-related, so lodged within the episode like the Little Baby Jesus in the manger are topics including:

cats shitting tinsel
Larry Dean Stewart
Stevie Wonder’s hair
advent calendars
elves vs. Argos
the three wise men
ballottine (translation: turducken)
Santa as chambermaid
plumb lines
wine coolers vs. The Da Vinci Code
Father Textmas

Plus some lovely messages from you listeners, and a special treat from Martin the Sound Man. Indeed, if you missed his gift from last year, you can hear it now before we take it to the charity shop:

Along with satsumas, chocolate coins and stripey socks, what we really want for Christmas is some QUESTIONS from you – either drop them down our chimney or, more practically, email them to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, Skype answermethis or phone 0208 123 5877, and we’ll get cracking on them in the new year. Meanwhile, in between picking dog-hair out of the brandy butter and swearing at the broken fairy-lights, we’ll be tackling some more of your questions right here on this very website, so keep coming to visit!

We’ll be back on Christmas Day with The Best of Answer Me This! 2008, Part I, which will be full of Incredible Moments from this monumental year in amateur British podcasting, as well as some extra special never-before-podcasted footage. Just the thing to fill in a few minutes between the family row and the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special.


Helen and Olly

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