Olly’s face: now appearing on a celebrity near you


It appears that Olly has yet another famous face-alikeIan from Cumbria has discovered a new celebrity with whom Mr Mann shares a visage:

How similar does Olly Mann look to the ostentatious pushy editor Piers Morgan?¿. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the resemblance is uncanny, both share the same Jew-fro style curls and cheery cheekbones.

Thanks for providing illustrative materials, Ian – and an inverted question-mark! It’s always a thrill to have a new kind of punctuation on the website.

But there’s only one way of settling this matter, friends: a poll. Take it:

  • the fellow from Alphabeat
  • food-maker Ed Baines
  • media rapscallion Piers Morgan
  • Seth Rogen from out of the movies
  • none of the above
  • your mum

Answer us back:

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