EPISODE 61 – kicking the fictional tramp


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Happy Third of July, listeners! It’s Independence minus one, the last remaining hours in which someone else made all those pesky decisions and tidied your room for you… Hmm, perhaps time for us to brush up on our American history; but we’ve neglected our education in order to bring you Episode 61.

Within which are such topics as:

A.A. Gill
William Caxton
garlic monkeys
past life regression
the Gang of Four (the band, not the terrorists)
an oblique reference to Slint
rice paper
bendy dancers
the drawbacks of unusual names
the drawbacks of the Roaring Twenties
the drawbacks of Martin the Sound Man’s privates.

Olly turns Japanese (not in the same manner as The Vapors, although who knows what he might stealthily have been up to below the tabletop?); Helen emulates those feisty Latinas; and Martin the Sound Man looks forward to a nice peaceful existence after everyone else has fallen prey to some kind of apocalypse. What a treasure. We also reveal the fast track to getting a job as a Sunday Times restaurant critic, and the most romantic thing you can do with a blocked nose and a finger.

And if you’re not sated after all that, look at this bit of amazingness!

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Helen and Olly

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