EPISODE 15: it’s got game


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Hello, dears.

Spring has sprung, as it is wont to do, and duly we’ve had a big old clear-out of the Question Cupboard. So if you sent us a question three months ago and have been on tenterhooks ever since, EPISODE 15 might just be your lucky day! And if it isn’t, well, hang in there.
Treats in store include:

Sepultura t-shirts
banging 1930s jazz
the surprising success of Vanilla Ice
Queen Elizabeth the Egg-Head
the Alan Bennett Megamix
X-rated jerky
Bill and Ted Hit Middle Age
baked goods in Beowulf
a helluva lot of classic gags.

You’ll also be privy to Olly’s misbegotten attempt to impress Barry Norman with his cool, the quite extraordinary extent of Helen being a square, and yet more coughing and spluttering from Martin the Sound Man. Someone get that man some damn eucalyptus, stat!

Until sweet Episode Sixteen, bye!


Helen and Olly

PS We’ve had to go a bit further afield for our sound effects this week, indeed as far as the awesome tunes of Kevin MacLeod and the boisterous noises of Absolute Sound Effects. Thanks, chaps!
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2 Responses to “EPISODE 15: it’s got game”

  1. olivermann Says:

    Fu** me, the power of podcasting!

    The Puppet Head, we are happy, as ever, to have provided such a service.

    Don’t hold out much hope for your sex addiction, though…


  2. thepuppethead Says:

    Episode 15 just might have saved The Puppet Head’s life.

    The Puppet Head did it! He quit smoking. But without Ollie and Helen’s extra special blend of snark, ridicule, and derision he might not have been able to do it! Thanks, Answer Me This!

    Your friend,

    The Puppet Head

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