EPISODE 10! Believe!!


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‘Lo, friends!

No need to beware the Ides of March – with Answer Me This! by your side, you’re bound to coast through this traditionally ill-starred day. If only Julius Caesar had owned an iPod, things could have been so different.

Happily, Answer Me This! is having a rather more pleasant mid-March than unfortunate Caesar: we are rejoicing in the incredible success of our charity pudding auction – in which, thanks to winning bidder NICKY HURST from London, our shitty unwanted Christmas pudding (recommended retail price 98p) fetched an amazing SIXTY-FOUR QUID for Comic Relief. As if that weren’t enough, we’re also dancing about like a pair of drunken cheerleaders after being elected Podcast of the Week in Time Out Magazine. But we’ve still had time to get busy doing our thang with the following topics in this week’s episode:

Christopher Biggins
the callousness of children
bad, bad broadband
the secret life of doormen
sooty underwear in Letchworth
ethnic cleansing
giant chairs
FCUK the tubbers!
shopping with mother
cupboard weevils

Furthermore, Olly airs his scabs all over Helen’s sofa, Helen rues her potty-mouth and Olly’s gappy conception of world history, and the Reclaim Martin the Sound Man Movement gathers momentum. Listeners, stop encouraging him! It will only make him cocky. And then we’ll all suffer. Is that what you really want?

Many thanks to this week’s questionators, Tom, Jack, Polly, Jonny, Anna and Nattan. If YOU want to keep the question-answering funtimes rolling, send your questions to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, because without them, Answer Me This! will be more like Waiting for Godot than is desirable in a comedy podcast.

Until the rootin’, tootin’, high-falutin’ antics of Episode 11 blow into town next week, bye!

Helen and Olly
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2 Responses to “EPISODE 10! Believe!!”

  1. GFT Says:


  2. Annie Oakley Says:

    I shore do like y’all’s show on the intertubes. Makes my day right as rain when I get back from the earl fields and find it a’waitin’ fer me to sit a spell and have a listen an’ a smoke. Sincet I cain’t smoke out yonder in dem earl fields, on account of all the natural gasses an such. I reckon if’n I did, I would pert near blow this side of Texas clean of’n the map. So Ollie and Helen are my smokin’ buddies, yes you are. And the good Lord loves y’all furret.
    Chaps my hide ’bout that puddin’ tho. Was willin’ to send up a whole week’s pay furret, but they done outdone me on the biddin.

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