EPISODE 9: yummy!


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Howdy homies!

As we’re in the thick of our charity Christmas Pudding auction – and all you good kids have given up treats and sweetmeats for Lent – we decided it would be seemly to corrall together some of the food-related questions in our mailbag and bind them together with some cornflour to make the hard-boiled Answer Me This! Food Special. It’s the TASTIEST podcast on the internet!

Toothsome refreshments this week include:
peppers (red)
cheese (processed, liquid and runny)
Afternoon Tea at the Savoy
After Eights.

(But in case you’re on a diet, we also give a nod to:
Jamie Oliver
prudish policies at Helen’s school
naughty French films
Michael Parkinson
Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells
Heather Small

Thanks as ever to our intrepid questioneers, who this week counted Becky, Polly, Jonny, Angela, Hugo and Ben amongst their number. If YOU want something answered in a future episode, send a question to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

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Tune in next week for Answer Me This! hitting double figures, as well as Olly’s ugly past, Helen’s horrid dreams and Martin the Sound Man’s growing legion of stalker-fans.

Much love y’all,

Helen and Olly
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