This is not a drill


We’re coming out of retirement for one last job.

There’ll be a new episode in your podfeed on the first Thursday of April, ie 6th April 2023, and for it, we need YOUR QUESTIONS.

You remember the procedure: send your queries to in written or voicenote form. Your deadline is 13 March. 

Do it, because you never know how long it’ll be before we unretire again!

Your gone but not forgotten friends,

Helen and Olly

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2 Responses to “This is not a drill”

  1. MJ Fouldes Says:

    Oh my word! This is exciting news!!

    Although my little song about the show ending on the very last episode is now a lie! Dagnammit!!

    I can’t think of a darned question to ask now!! I shall have to have a think….

    (But my mind will probably be still a blank!)

  2. Max The Axe (@markkauffman13) Says:

    What a delightful way to wake up this morning! Sure I hear all of your voices on separate podcasts, but it was the broadcasts from AMT Tower where I was introduced to you. (This announcement also eases my fears that there was some unrevealed animosity that was a secret driving force to the show ending.) And since I missed out on leaving a goodbye message for you back in 2021, I just wanted to say thank you all so very much for the years of listening pleasure you gave us with Answer Me This. I’m part of the large crowd, I’m sure, that feels like you’re the friends I’ve never met (well, I did say hello to Helen and Martin briefly at an Allusionist show in DC.) I realize how awkward that must always sound on your end, but it just speaks to how much we enjoyed receiving all of yourselves that you put forward. If that makes sense. Anyways, I love you guys and look forward to hearing you on the 6th of April!

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