This month…


…for Tedious But Fine reasons, we’ve swapped June’s new episode and the retro one. So you’ll get an all-new AMT in a fortnight, but now there’s Retro AMT82 from 2009 and it’s a really fun one! Some things have changed – technology, the nature of entrepreneurship, people wearing Bluetooth earpieces everywhere – whereas others are eternal, like the pain of teen romance, and Americans finding British words funny. It’s low regret, plus, it contains Helen’s favourite ever call from a questioneer!

Like all our retro episodes, you have to subscribe to get it; so go off and listen now in your usual pod app. And we’ll be back in a fortnight with AMT398.

2 Responses to “This month…”

  1. Ok Boomer Says:

    I’m subscribed in Google podcasts, but June’s isn’t showing up! I even un- and resubscribed, but nothing! It could be that I’m dumb, but just in case it’s Google’s fault I thought I’d complain here 🙂

    • Helen Zaltzman Says:

      we’re hearing all sorts of problems about Google Podcasts, especially with them not showing the retro episodes! We’re trying to look into it, but Google Podcasts’ customer services is alas not so existent

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