EPISODE 85 – liver yogurt


Wahey, listeners! We’re back! Waheyyyyyyy!

Formalities over, let’s get down to business. There’s a new series of Answer Me This!, and accordingly a new episode. So without further ado, here is Answer Me This! Episode 85:

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We’re limbering up with such topics as:

Visalia, CA
the four corners of the globe
Antonin Artaud
the life of bivalves
The Little Mermaid
garlic bread
Johnny Onion
this pungent place
Diane Arbus
Past Times
Walkman iPod covers
little red Dansette

Plus! Olly offers some top-notch economising tips for you cat litter users; Helen says the word ‘syllabub’; and Martin the Sound Man explains the difference between corpses and dogs. Thankyou, Martin. Should make walkies a bit less sinister.

As usual we are wanting your QUESTIONS, which you can submit orally to to Skype ID answermethis or our Question Line 0208 123 5877, or emailly to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com; BUT we also want more from you this week because we are greedy. Firstly, we would like you to come and see us at Webstock at the London Word Festival on 22nd March – click HERE for more about it – and secondly, we would like your entries for our fun new Photoshop Challenge, for details of which click HERE. Thirdly, we’ve now got one of those Twitter things that everyone’s going on about, so come and follow us at twitter.com/helenandolly. No doubt over the coming weeks and months we shall provide some very insightful Twits or Twats or whatever the hell the kids call it now. Fourthly, Martin the Sound Man has a new musical video project which he beseeches you all to watch, here or here.

Ok, that’s all the neediness out of the way. Now get back to work!


Helen and Olly

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3 Responses to “EPISODE 85 – liver yogurt”

  1. Peter from Chicago Says:

    I checked with my friends at the Brazilianisms podcast, and the term for poo is “cocô.” The circumflex is important, so unless Olly’s cat has a circumflex over the second “o,” the name don’t mean shit.

    Peter in Chicago

  2. helenzaltzman Says:

    The very same! Well spotted, Cuthbert. The cat was a bit more sure-footed when we saw them, though; must have been practicing over the past year.

  3. Cuthbert Says:

    is this the dog cat rat that helen and martin the soundman saw in san francisco? i just stumbled across this link about 1 hour after listening to this podcast!

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