Should Marc do it?


Martin corndog

Here’s a question which we hadn’t had before, courtesy of Marc:

I’m 18, male and have been given the chance to be in a straight, professionally done porno. Should I take it, or will it hang over my head until one day my mates stumble across it and say “Hey…. He looks familiar….” The money’s not too bad. 🙂

Now, you may be surprised to hear that none of us has ever had a professional porn career (not counting Martin the Sound Man’s 8-page spread in November 1997’s Hot Teen Physicists – he was TOLD it was EDUCATIONAL, OK???), but as such is the case, we don’t really feel qualified to advise Marc in an informed and responsible manner. However, chances are that one of you smut-monkeys has had a racier life than all of us put together, and has more pertinent advice to give. If so, please comment below, or vote in this poll:

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