EPISODE 82 – Ribranda, Ribranda, Ribranda


Good afternoon, listeners,

Seeing as it’s mid-January we assume your new year’s resolutions have by now entirely gone to shit. So kick off your once-used gym shoes, lie back in your nest of chocolate, booze and porn, and listen to Answer Me This! Episode 82:

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This week we’re a-discussin’:

Sarah Beeny’s marriage
the dos and don’ts of MSN
built-in obsolescence
Kevin Spacey
use of the word ‘todger’
pharmaceutical companies
dvds vs. blu-ray
cures for cancer

Furthermore, Olly coins the term ‘wang-slurp’; Helen lacks a useful body part; and Martin the Sound Man is finally silenced, by a cup of coffee. Although not for long, as a rare Heated Discussion erupts! For an altercation to occur it must be about something important, right? Right? No. It’s about lightbulbs.

As ever, please dispatch your QUESTIONS to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, Skype ID answermethis or our Question Line 0208 123 5877; but also please leave a comment on this post for questioneer Paul from Stockport, who is using the AMT service to get straight to you:

I turn 30 in 5 months. Possibly convinced by the constant stream of gimmick-based books and tv shows (hello Dave Gorman), I feel I should make a list of “things to do” before I reach this significant milestone on the march towards my inevitable death. I realise I have left this a little late but Answer Me This! listeners, Answer Me This: what things must I ABSOLUTELY do before I’m 30?

We got that email before Christmas so he’s probably only got four months to go now – hurry to help Paul! We look forward to seeing what you recommend. We hear he has already done a skydive, so that’s one off the list already. What else to do, before he reaches his arbitrary deadline?

Helen and Olly

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19 Responses to “EPISODE 82 – Ribranda, Ribranda, Ribranda”

  1. Ryan Alton Says:

    cool blog interesting reading.

  2. Chelsea from Wisconsin Says:

    I would learn a dead language. or adopt a child from a third world country. or start your own chicken farm.

  3. Jessica Schuneman Says:

    Paul, i suggest you fall in love otherwise you will be nearing the age of having to settle for someone half decent or buying a thai bride.

  4. Rob Says:

    May I humbly suggest that you do what I did – go to China and eat dog.

    Tastes a bit like a cross between beef & pork.

    It didn’t bother me as I’m a cat person…

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I thought the whole things like this was “what to do befor you are 50”. but other wise i would say learn a new sport. or own a pair of jimmy choos.

  6. Doug Says:

    How about not worrying about it? It’s a pretty arbitrary deadline to have things done by, and if you haven’t got into a fight with a Mexican policeman or teed off from the roof of a skyscraper after a good ten years of having the chance, you probably didn’t want to do it anyway.

    So rather than try and keep up with some wanker journalist at FHM who’s making it all up from an office in Bath, why not just enjoy not being in your 20’s any more. Face it, they suck arse. And if you really must have some kind of bucket list for this pointless self-rebranding as ‘old’, remember, you are just being the tool of James Brown, who is himself a tool.

    I am 29, and my ambitions stretch as far as Alton Towers.

  7. Pewter Wolf Says:

    Hmmmm… stalk Helen and Olly?

    Seriously, I would go with skydiving (but you’ve done that so that’s one huge thing done and dusted). So… bunnee-jumping? (sorry if that’s misspelt) Or what about starking?

  8. arrogantscientist Says:

    Become an atheist!

  9. Charlie from West Kirby Says:

    Maybe run a marathon, or the Lands End/John O’Groats thing

  10. Adz Says:

    Whoops. Didn’t realise he’s already skydived. How about learning to fly?
    (Yes, I have a thing for heights).

  11. Pip from Lincoln Says:

    Well I gotta say I swam with sharks in the aquarium at Melbourne. Its actually quite safe; the breed of shark they have in there is a grey nurse shark, which is naturally timid in nature. They also keep the temperature of the whole aquarium down by two degrees which adds to the docility(?) of said beast. The ones to really watch out for are the sting rays (insert bad Steve Irwin joke here), they have plates instead of teeth so it wouldn’t be a couple of bite marks, it would be no fingers. The best bit is the rays get off on the bubbles from your scuba gear so you quite often end up with one floating mere inches above your head!!

    A titty bar in Stockport?? Lordy, I shudder to think! I was thinking maybe a trip to Vegas or you could always do the King Street, Melbourne trek. There are more strip jointas on that one street than I have ever seen!!

    One last thing and kind of irresponsible I know, but go to the top of a really tall building and drop one of those old school power balls off the top. Satisfying to say the least!!

  12. tina Says:

    swim with some other, less glamorous fish? cheap, and probably less dangerous than the shark one.

  13. Paul from Stockport Says:

    I’ve done the going to America thing in November and I’ve done the skydiving thing in October. What with the credit crunch, resources are tight and so pretty much anything overseas is now out of the question. I guess I could get in the shark tank at the Sea Life Centre Blackpool. I dread to think what a titty bar would be like in Stockport.

    Thanks for your suggestions so far.

  14. Charlie from West Kirby Says:

    go to China!
    go to California!

  15. helenzaltzman Says:

    pay attention, people – he’s DONE a skydive! Any other suggestions that don’t involve falling from a great height?

  16. Adz Says:

    Paul, I hear suicide is a once in a lifetime experience if you do it right! :p

    But seriously, skydiving is must if you’re not afraid of heights.

  17. Mike Empuria Says:

    Go to Las Vegas!

  18. Pip from Lincoln Says:

    Swim with sharks or go to a titty bar..

  19. Abs Says:

    To Paul from Stockport – before turning 30 you ABSOLUTELY must pass through all the ages from zero to 29. Other than that, nothing really springs to mind.

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