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In Episode 77 Geoff raised the notion of people who share your name but not your career path, and you lovely chaps have been in touch with your own examples of this phenomenon. Charles Firth says:

My job is as an IT consultant, but there are two much more famous Charles Firths out there – both in Australia, oddly enough. One is a conservative talking head, and the other stars in the very funny show Chaser’s War on Everything (watch it if you can).

I’m sure there are a bunch more out there as well, and wonder if Google ranking is the right way to determine relative worth? Maybe there’s another Charles Firth out there who saves hurt puppies or something….

Keep hoping, Charles Firth! Perhaps YOU will find a cure for cancer and prevent the icecaps from melting, without even lifting a finger!

Chris Stringer has also been self-googling:

I share my name with a Professor Chris Stringer, who is a British anthropologist, and ‘one of Britain’s foremost experts on human origins’. Wouldn’t it be funny if I was a devout Christian? I’m not.
BUT the most interesting part was that on wikipedia, I was asked if I meant Chris Stringer the football player, my complete opposite – I’m an acoustic singer songwriter! I decided to have a look, and imagine the shock I had when I saw that Chris Stringer, from Grimsby, a former English pro footballer who played for Sheffield Wednesday, has the same birthday as me! What a coincidence!

Spoooooky! As is this tale from Nicole in Santa Barbara:

When I googled my maiden name Nicole Pursell, I got me (a teacher in California) and a high school swimmer in Washington. This is really nothing of note, but it gets funky. One day I was mailing a package, and the person commented on my name. The conversation went something like this:
“Your name is Nicole Pursell.”
“My last name is also Pursell, spelled the same way.” (usually people spell it Purcell)
“Interesting. We’re probably long lost relatives.”
“Yeah, but the weird thing is that my sister is Nicole Pursell.”
“Is she a swimmer, and are you from Washington?”
“Yes, how did you know?”
“I googled myself and she came up.”
The conversation continued with him telling me his life story about how if he were born a girl, he would have been Michelle (his name was Michael), and his sister would have been Nicholas, but they weren’t.
I just wanted to mail my book, but it was odd to meet a relation of the other Nicole Pursell.

Coincidence – or do postal workers in California just habitually tell name-related lies to keep themselves entertained throughout the day?

Keep US entertained by sending in your own strange and spooky namealikes, people!

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3 Responses to “Namealikes”

  1. dsw Says:

    ima newe york perfume maker (Chris Sheldrake)try it Im rich in this world i love it more than my real one

  2. Josh Thomas from Huddersfield Says:

    I’m not even going to bother googling my name.
    There are about ten other Joshs in my college and one Josh Thomas!

    I’ve never met him, but the college keeps giving me his messages and from what I’ve pieced together he’s like me in every way but just a little bit better.

    = /

    One day I’ll get him…

  3. Easy Tiger Says:

    I once googled my name to come across another Robert Emmins who had been sent to jail for a number of years for causing death by drink driving. More pleasantly, another namesake of mine is a rally driver in Africa

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