Insects in sex


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Thanks to the discussion of bee sex in Episode 75, Will flagged us down through the AMT!P Facebook group to avail us of the existence of hot porny bee vids.

That’s right, it’s real bees, GOING AT IT!” cries Will excitedly. And he’s right:

NSFW! And also not safe for those who are traumatised by misplaced apostrophes; these delicate souls should just watch this saucy pair of boffing bees instead:

Or, if you prefer a bit of Lady-on-Lady action:

Once you’ve recovered from this fluster-inducing sexyfun, here’s a more serious bit of feedback from John from East Yorkshire:

I was disgusted, nay disappointed, nay disgustapointed to hear you talking rubbish about bees being mainly male. All worker bees are female as well as the queen, only the larger drones are male, and their sole purpose is for breeding. In winter the lady-bees kick the drones out of the hive so that they don’t have to feed them and all the males die. I’m surprised the multitude of bee-keepers who must listen to your podcast have not inundated you with this correction.

Jeepers. Lady bees sound an awful lot like Germaine Greer.

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