EPISODE 59 – 100% swear-free!


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Welcome, listeners, to a LANDMARK EPISODE OF ANSWER ME THIS!: though we’ve now done enough podcasts to last more than an entire Earth day, Episode 59 is the first ever one in which we curb our urge to swear every five seconds. No, really! Our cravenly uncouth mouths produce nary a Kant, sheet or Phuket. It’s so clean, you could perform an emergency appendectomy with it.

So, if swearing’s off the menu, what the flip isn’t? Well, today’s specials are:

A Chorus Line
Kentish car boot sales
the Little Shop of Horrors money-box
antiseptic booze
rotten eggs
RE vs Scripture
Joan Collins vs the passage of time
High School Musical vs Helen’s patience
saturated meat fat vs the coronary artery
the Queen Mother
the Radiohead version of We Will Rock You.

Furthermore, Olly says more things to ensure that he’ll never get a guest spot on Pobol y Cwm; Helen flips the bird at the World’s Most Popular Biscuit; and Martin the Sound Man defames Zac Efron in a manner that is both disgusting and probably accurate.

It’s Episode 60 next week so if you want your free bus-pass on the AMT Bus, send us QUESTIONS by emailing answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, phoning 0208 123 5877 or Skype-ing answermethis; also please get in touch if you know some good cures for hiccups or excuses for handing in your homework/important grown-up documents late. Those are things it is useful for everybody to know.

See you next week, *@£%-face!

Helen and Olly

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