EPISODE 58 – Obviously, I’m happy ALL THE TIME now…


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Greetings, listeners! And best of luck to you if you’re in the middle of Exam Season, as the several dozen exam-related questions we’ve had in the last few weeks suggest you might well be. To help you out, we’ve had a sneaky peek at the General Studies GCSE paper, and these are some of the essay questions we saw we saw on it:

1.  How did Disney get their princes to look so damn dreamy?
2.  How did Hitler make his nostrils look so small?
3.  What kinds of museums do they have in Cyprus?

Obviously we can’t condone cheating of any kind; but to find out the answers, have a listen to Episode 58, then submit 300 words on three of the following:

the panopticon of Jeremy Bentham
second-hand underwear
fit fonts
the Bluetones
sweaty courgettes
getting it on with Plato
British cheese vs French cheese
steroids vs tear ducts
museum fatigue
the birth of Aphrodite
that Kanye West song that Martin won’t shut up about (you may refer to the video at the end of the post to revise).

Furthermore, Olly’s teenage ambitions to turn out like William Baldwin in Sliver; Helen is let down by her entire collection of reference books; and Martin the Sound Man nominates himself as holiday rep for Arse-Scratch Island.

As ever, we love receiving your QUESTIONS as much as Timbaland enjoys making funny honking sounds on other people’s records; so please email them to us at answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, phone them to 0208 123 5877 or Skype them to answermethis.

See you next week, for the first ever swear-free episode of Answer Me This! – we shit you not!

Helen and Olly

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And here’s Martin’s beloved Kanye West video:

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One Response to “EPISODE 58 – Obviously, I’m happy ALL THE TIME now…”

  1. Alex Says:

    Thanks for this. I particularly liked the Marcus Brigstocke quote. This was a welcoming end to my final A-Level exam (Decision maths).

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