EPISODE 40 – titty to the last


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Ho ho ho, listeners! Ho ho and verily ho again!

Yes, despite our Jewiness, we’re really getting into the Christmas spirit here at Answer Me This!, and have crammed Episode 40 full of festive treats, much like a Fortnum’s hamper or a Cadbury’s selection box. There are not one but TWO Amazing New Songs! Our dress a dog competition! And a brand-new Hairbrained Scheme!

This week we are holding forth about:

suffocation tips
Tom Baker’s books
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito reunited
Joan as Policewoman’s saucy striptease
Judi Dench
Fox, Cox and their pet Ox
Marky Mark Wahlberg
Holly Hunter’s boobs
Dita von Teese’s scones
Lenny Beige
burnt breast implants.

You may also notice something very beautiful-sounding towards the end of this episode; it’s all thanks to super-troubadour Gavin Osborn, who has an album out called In the Twee Small Hours which would make a great Christmas present for absolutely anyone unless they have a heart made of spanners or no ears. So buy it from his record label or Amazon, or the Osborn himself if you happen to bump into him.

In addition, particular thanks must go to this week’s questioneer Dovy, who upon hearing us call for a listener to do what we are too lazy/incompetent to do ourselves and set us up a Bebo profile, did just that. Which was extremely kind of him. Unfortunately, proving that we are indeed too elderly for Bebo, in the process of editing our birthdate Helen managed to delete it. Shame on her. Thankyou for trying, Dovy, and sorry.

In better news, however, we’re Podcast of the Week in the Radio Times this week!

In bad news again, this is the last proper episode of Answer Me This! until 17th January. But in good news: for the next fortnight you can instead enjoy The Best of Answer Me This! 2007, with all our funniest fun bundled up into two commute-sized packages. Don’t let that stop you sending in QUESTIONS for us to get stuck into in the new year, though – leave a message on our Question Line 0208 123 5877 (Skype name answermethis) or email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

See you next week, for some clip-show fun!

Helen and Olly

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