EPISODE 38 – middle-class wankers


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Helen and Olly and their cheap new perfumes

It’s a lovely fragrant episode this week, as Helen and Olly try out bottom-of-the-line knock-off perfumes Live On Air and get high as kites in the process. They sure are wild for the rock’n’roll lifestyle! Luckily even all this dangerous living doesn’t stop them getting on with Episode 38, preoccupied with such assorted subjects as:

Condoleezza Rice
Waitrose Cow Sphincter
Sean (Mc)Bean
square roots
King Solomon’s Mines
Pizza Hat
Alanis Morissette
Terry Pratchett

Also, Olly’s dreams of a career in quantum mechanics are crushed, Helen hints that she may need some psychological counselling, and Martin the Sound Man holds the team together like a big hairy mother hen.

If that episode doesn’t already seem chock-full enough to you, listen up! There’s a competition afoot! Since we’re so excited about our sweet new Answer Me This! merch, and particularly this little chap –
AMT dog
– we’re really keen to see some Real Dogs wearing Answer Me This! clothes (even though dogs wearing clothes is completely obviating the fur Dame Evolution gave them). So we’ve decided to award one of these super-duper messenger bags
AMT bag
– to the listener who sends in the best picture of a dog wearing an Answer Me This! dog t-shirt, from our Superstore or, even better, a HOME-MADE version thereof! If you can’t get hold of a real dog, then a dog substitute like a fluffy toy dog or dog-shaped loaf of bread will suffice.

The competition closes on New Year’s Day, so hurry up and start styling those hounds, and send your photos, as well as questions, to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com; and as usual phone in your queries, problems and quibbles to our Question Line 0208 123 5877.

So long, farewell, and see if you can spot Macy Gray namechecking Cilla Black in the video to ‘I Try’. Olly swears she does. She’s quite eccentric so anything is possible, I suppose.


Helen and Olly

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2 Responses to “EPISODE 38 – middle-class wankers”

  1. Silly pun-based drawing inspired by Answer Me This! Episode 38 – Tanchira Eats Colours Says:

    […] I listened to episode 38, I was so amused that I drew this little bit of fan art on my iPad Pro with my new Apple Pencil. (I […]

  2. Alex Says:

    I don’t think its “Cilla Black”

    I think its “Say it Lord”, sung emphatically.

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