Where the jeff is Episode 37?


An Angry Mob has gathered outside Answer Me This! Towers, replete with burning pitchforks and flasks of Lemsip. “It’s Thursday tea-time!” they bellow as they pelt the front door with Tesco Value turnips. “Give us Answer Me This! episode 37, please! Otherwise I’ll have nothing to listen to whilst I trim my corns but the ringing in my ears.”

Perish the thought that we would leave corn-cutting unsoundtracked! Unfortunately although Episode 37 is all ready to go, we haven’t yet been able to release it, and you can choose your reason from these three:

a) Special guest answerers Pappy’s Fun Club were so funny that the episode has been embargoed until after Children In Need, lest it cheers the public up so much that they no longer feel any motivation to fix the world through do-gooding and charitable works;

b) Our answers to the featured questions are so incredibly accurate and sensitive that the episode has been taken away for scientific testing lest it can provide a universal cure for every query in the world;

c) Our hosting company is, yet again, being too shit to function.

Much as we’d love it to be a) or b), unsurprisingly the blame falls at the blame-submerged feet of our pesky hosting company, which appears to taken all of our money and jetted off for a year-long sabbatical in Alicante, leaving a toy panda in charge. Fond as we are of toy pandas, IT is not their strong point.

We hope the problem is resolved soon; meanwhile you can get a bit of a Pappy’s Fun Club fix at 11pm tonight, when they’re appearing on Comedy Shuffle on BBC3, and just imagine what the noises that accompanied this photograph would have been like.

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2 Responses to “Where the jeff is Episode 37?”

  1. mirrorpaper Says:

    this is alex(12) by the way

  2. mirrorpaper Says:

    well i hope its working by 5am and it was nice talking to you, olly.

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