EPISODE 30 – Novelty Wank


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Hello there, friends!

It’s the 30th episode of Answer Me This! and Helen and Olly are broadcasting with all the gravitas and maturity you’d expect from seasoned podcasters. Viz, to wit, this week they misuse contraceptives, conduct dangerous experiments with mouthwash, and revive some 90s boyband horror

If you survived that, cop a load of Episode 30, in which we discuss such topics as:

Monopoly-related family breakdown
sexy stick insects
missed cake opportunities
Shakespearian June Sarpong
Romeo the fickle lecher
the Pope.

And if all that hasn’t completely tired you out, bombard us with YOUR QUESTIONS for us to answer in future episodes by leaving a message on Helen and Olly’s Question Line 0208 123 5877 or emailing them to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. It’s a quid cheaper than texting AQA, and by gum it yields slower results too.

See you next week, yes? Yes!


Helen and Olly
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One Response to “EPISODE 30 – Novelty Wank”

  1. robert from dumfriesshire Says:

    i refer to my email of 20th june 2007 when u failed to supply a valid link for the mp3 format of amt. things haven’t changed. sort it, i need my fix of martin the sound man’s manly growl.

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